Bus Transfers  

As many of you are travelling a distance to be with us, we will be providing a bus to pick up guests in the city centre (outside Jurys Inn) at 11.15am, going to Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church.

This bus will then leave Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church after the service to go to the reception at Galgorm, returning to Belfast at 1:00am.

If you require to use this Bus Transfer facility, please email us at cladjs72@gmail.com with the following information:

  • I wish to use the Bus leaving Belfast City Centre (Jury's Inn) at 11:15 am to Whiteabbey
  • I wish to use the Bus leaving Whiteabbey to Galgorm after the service
  • I wish to use the Bus leaving Galgorm to Belfast City Centre at 11:15 am

Please specify which of the above options you wish to use; use a Subject line of 'Bus Transfers' in your email and don't forget to include your name!

Looking forward to seeing you all!