Katie Allan
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Katie Allan Dundonald
(Jun 1987 - 1999) trained by Phil & Sue Walsh
  • 1997 Northern Ireland Senior Ladies Champion
  • 1996 British Junior Ladies' Figure Skating Champion
  • 1995 British Junior Ladies' Figure Skating Bronze Medalist
  • 1995 British Primary Girls Figure Skating Silver Medalist
Since the British Championships at Hull in 1997, Katie has suffered from illness and injury.  A broken ankle in the summer of 1998 followed by Glandular Fever during the first 4 months of 1999 and following this a bone scan identified stress fractures of the left shin and right ankle. These setbacks have not deterred Katie as she is continuing to train again without jumps at present and she is also taking the GNVQ in Coaching under Phil Walsh's tutelage.  

Although she passed her Level 1 Coaching in 1999, she stopped skating in 2000 and moved firstly to Spain to work and then returned to Lichfield in the Midlands. She still likes skating but doesn't get much opportunity to go as she now has a son, Sam.

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