Samuel Robert Scarbrough
  My Holdiay in Tenerife - February 2007
This flying is greattttt! There's land!

Hey Mommy , Is this where we're going?

Hey Dad, there's houses!
More mountains when we were landing I got a boat tomyself
View from our balcony Startin' to enjoy myself
Me and my Dad! Hello, Gramps Les
I suppose I'll have to call Grumps Graeme Dad! I want to do something!
If I throw it will you get it back? I'm a good boy I am!
This is a good Dad This is great
In a boat for 2 One the street where I live!
Lok Dad, helicopter Are you listening to me? I said helicopter!
These are girls! Look Mum - I'm dancing!
I promise I'll be good if you let me out! Kojak imitation - who luvs you baby?
Look - just let me out! I've nothing to say!
Boxes on a hillside Una cerveza por favor
Well, you never know when the meal will be Guess who's been naughty again
Being chased by a girl is fun...  
Shal we squirt this on our parents? Hurry up! they are coming after us
Just packing to geo home Hey I'm a Gaucho!
Where's that girl? Smiler
  Kissin' is great!
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