This is my web site and it is a photographic record of me growing up!

My name is Sophie Margaret Scarbrough and I was born by caesarean section at Queen's Hospital, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England on 19th May 2008 at 13:49.  I became slightly jaundiced on my second day and I am now in an incubator with an Ultra-Violet light! I had a lot of blood tests done but I was let out on Thursday, 22nd May 2008.


Katie is my Mum and Stuart is my Dad.

I have a BIG brother called Sam!

I have 2 great grandparents - Margaret Scarbrough and Min Allan

I have 4 grandparents - Joan & Les Allan and Moira & Graeme Scarbrough

I have 3 uncles - Scott & Steven Scarbrough and Chris Allan

In addition, I have some Great Uncles and Aunts - Chris and Marion Watters, Lynn and John Robb and June Scarbrough.

The links below show me at various stages in my life to date (good at English for my age, aren't I?).