Membership / Joining  

The easiest way to find out about Freemasonry is to speak to its members. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who is a member who may be happy to steer you in the right direction. If not please feel free to contact us directly for more advice and the next step.

There are several Lodges with their own web sites that give details of their activities. Some of the larger halls now offer Open Days when the public are welcome to visit, view the premises and the accept opportunity to talk to some of the members. Look around the Web or your own local area and make contact with a Lodge - you will find them open and frank.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland has produced a number of leaflets regarding the Order and membership. Most topics are dealt with on the .PDF files below. Please click the links and save the files for future study. Each opens in a separate window/tab.

  1. Freemasonry - Could it be for you? (103Kb)
  2. For Candidates (700Kb)
  3. Freemasonry in Ireland (1.4 Mb)
  4. Freemasonry Vindicated (1.3Mb)
  5. What is Freemasonry? (140Kb)
  6. Freemasonry in Depth (245Kb)
  7. Freemasonry - Your Questions Answered (260Kb)
  8. Initial Guide to Freemasonry (8Mb)

Still interested? Send us more details and we will respond as early as possible.