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The Wedding Day
St Stephens Church, Fradley, Lichfield, Staffordshire
'The Stage'
The Pipers
L to R:- Min Allan, Joan Allan
(Bride's Grandmother and Bride's Mother)
L to R:- Jim Scarbrough, Joan McClusky, Bill McClusky
Groom's Grandfather, and the Groom's Great Aunt & Uncle
Margaret Scarbrough
(Groom's Grandmother)
L to R:- Gordon McCaw, Roberta McCaw. Ray Allan and Annie Allan
(The Bride's 1st Cousins Once Removed and their wives )
L to R:- Marion Watters. Christopher Watters, Laura Watters and Chris Watters
(The bride's Aunt, Cousins and Uncle)
The Bride's Side
The Groom's Side
The Son
L to R:- Marian Watters, Maureen Murray, Chris Watters
Bride's Aunt, Bride's 1st Cousin Once Removed, Bride's Uncle
L to R:- Christopher Watters, Laura Watters
Bride's Cousins
L to R:- Min Allan, Gordon McCaw
Bride's Grandmother, Bride's 1st Cousin Once Removed
Chris Squared
L to R:- Chris Allan, Chris Watters
Brides brother, Bride's Uncle
Graeme and Moira Scarbrough
Groom's Parents
Helena Best
(friend of the Bride's Parents)
L to R:- Joan Allan, Katie, Les Allan
Bride's Mother, Bride, Bride's Father
L to R:-Mary Quigley, Graeme Scarbrough
Matron-of-Honour, Groom's Father
L to R:-Les Allan, Moira Scarbrough, Ben Wilson
Bride's Father, Groom's Mother, Best Man
L to R:-Mary Quigley, Graeme Scarbrough, Joan Allan
Matron-of-Honour, Groom's Father, Bride's Mother
L to R:- Stuart Scarbrough, Ben Wilson, Katie Allan Scarbrough
Groom, Best Man, Bride
L to R:-Mary Quigley, Debbie Smith
Matron-of-Honour, Bride's Brother's Girlfriend
L to R:- Chris Allan, Debbie Smith
Bride's Brother and his girlfriend
L to R:-Helena Best, Kathleen Roderick, Marian Watters, Laura Watters, Mervyn Boone, Christopher Watters
L to R:- June Scarborough, Chris Watters
Groom's Aunt, Bride's Uncle
L to R:- Chris Watters, Joan Allan (standing), Lynn Robb, Graeme Scarbrough
Bride's Uncle, Bride's Mother, Groom's Aunt, Groom's Father
L to R:- Annie Allan, Bill McCluskey
Bride's 1st Cousin Once Removed's Wife, Groom's Great Aunt's Husband