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“The Lodge Almoner should, as far as possible, and where necessary make himself familiar with the financial assistance available from social security. As this is a very specialised field, he may require assistance from the District Charity and Regional Welfare Committees or the Provincial Grand Lodge Almoners.” (Paragraph 13 of the New Guide for Lodge Almoners, published by Grand Lodge of Ireland).

While it is recognised that Brethren have provided and continue to provide an excellent service in this area, it is vital that we reach out to more of our Brethren and ensure that all are aware of and receive everything they are entitled to and that we make best use of the resources available to do so. There are many people not receiving the benefits they are entitled to even though there is assistance readily available which would significantly improve their quality of life. This page aims to provide an easily accessible source of advice and information to all Brethren to assist them in identifying and accessing local services and products easily. From this page Brethren will be able to access and learn about a wide range of Government services. These include social security benefits and contact numbers and addresses.

Remember, your local Lodge Almoner is there to assist and Provincial Almoners are also available to listen to any questions you may have. Please contact the Provincial Office for contact details.

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This site provides an easily accessible link to all Government Services, including a free Benefits check.

Are you missing out? Make the call.... Speak to a local Benefit Adviser on 0800 232 1271

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The Royal British Legion Benefits and Money Advice Helpline

This free and confidential service was first launched in Northern Ireland in October 2009, with a telephone advice helpline being added in April 2011.

We provide free and confidential advice to serving and ex-service personnel, their families and carers for dealing with money worries, including checking entitlement to state benefits and dealing with debt.

Contact us now on 08452 66 66 96

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