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Victoria  Jubilee  Masonic  Benevolent  Fund

Always caring, always sharing

The Fund was originally set up by five Dublin based Lodges:-
93   Shamrock
171 Geraldine
206 Amethyst
245 Commercial (now known as Corinthian Commercial)
250 {amalgamed now known asSt. Cecilia Lodge No. 494)


To provide annuities or other such benefits, as the Board shall, from time to time, decide, for the benefit of distressed Freemasons, of the Irish Constitution, and the distressed spouses of deceased Freemasons in accordance with the rules of the Charity.

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125th Anniversary

A special commemorative jewel hjas been struck to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Fund.  Full details are included in the pdf application form  Please click on the jewel image on the right to download the order form.