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Teddies for Loving Care


On Saturday 7th September Irish Freemasons launched this new initiative in Northern Ireland.

“Teddies for Loving Care” (TLC) is a project whereby Irish Freemasons aim to have teddies freely available in all of the Accident and Emergency departments of hospitals in Northern Ireland that treat young children.

Past professional experience has shown that young children admitted to A & E Units are frightened, in strange surroundings and being treated by strangers carrying out often painful procedures.

A Teddy is something to hold onto – a distraction and something that staff can use to demonstrate bandages, plasters and even injections.

Best of all the Teddy is theirs to keep when discharged from hospital. Irish Freemasons are very proud of their charitable giving and caring is very much part of their ethos – involving not only their own members and their dependants but also members of the wider community.


The photographs (right) were kindly supplied by W Brother Bob Bashford.

Some additional information and downloads..

Poster (pdf format

Draft press release

Craigavon Area Hosdpital press release

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