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For those not familiar with Freemasonry, there are many web sites and other sources of information about our order. A young mason in Antrim described it as "a group of friends enjoying each others company while working for the good of others". While this short sentence describes our Order very well, some further explanation may be helpful.

The Order has three main areas of operation: Fellowship, Tradition and Charity.


Fellowship is enjoyed in Lodge, and afterwards at refreshment in an atmosphere of friendship.

Fund raising events for charities also provide occasions for fellowship not only with other Freemasons but with friends, relations, and the general public. Our Order is a fraternal one and maintains a neutral environment in the Lodge, and at any other Masonic function. While there are many differing opinions within our Order at any gathering, either closed or open, discussion or comment on religious or political matters is not permitted.


Tradition is a byword within the Masonic Order because we have operated in the same fashion for over 200 years. These traditions, still practised, have been passed on from one generation to the next generally through word of mouth.
We have many members who dedicate their time to the continuation of these traditions by learning and passing them on through Classes of Instruction and attendance at The Grand Lodge of Instruction.


Perhaps the most important aspect of Freemasonry is the charitable work undertaken by our Order.
We not only offer what relief we can to Brethren in need and to their widows or dependents, we also subscribe to wider National charities. At local level individual Lodges remain mindful of their community needs and become involved in fund raising for local non-Masonic charities.
For more information on charities see Grand Lodge of Ireland page.

While fellowship, tradition and charity can be considered the main general areas, these 'operations' cannot exist without the support of other functions within a Lodge such as administration, record keeping, accounts etc. All these many functions are carried out on a voluntary basis by Lodge members who have the interest and time to use their talents for the good of others.